How To Store Garlic For Long Time (Whole, Cloves, Peeled)

How To Store Garlic For Long Time? Across many kitchens, garlic is seen as an incredible ingredient used as a way of improving recipes and adding special savory to dishes and meals like Vegetarian Potstickers Recipe, Vegan Coconut Curry, Moo Goo Gai Pan and Glass Noodles.

It is popularly seen as a unique taste enhancer with the capacity to release waves of flavor that can transform the taste of dishes. 

Since the impact of garlic on meals and dishes is powerful, it is important to know how you can store fresh garlic, whether whole, cloves, or peeled to enjoy the flavor it carries. 

If you are looking for a way to retain the quality, flavor, and spiciness of your garlic for a longer time, it is important to know how to store garlic so that it can serve you for a long time.

Now, considering the usefulness of garlic and its frequent use, we discussed everything needed to adequately store your whole, cloves, peeled, and minced garlic, and preserve it for a long time without losing taste, and retaining its pungency.

Do you want to know more about how to store garlic (whole, cloves, peeled, and minced garlic) for a long time? This blog provides in-depth information on it. 

Check out the following topics that provide an insightful explanation of how to store garlic (whole, cloves, and peeled).

  • How long can you store garlic?
  • How to store garlic in the fridge
  • How to store garlic and onions
  • How to preserve peeled garlic
  • How to store garlic in the freezer
  • How to store garlic in oil
  • How to store garlic for a long time
  • How to store garlic without smell
  • How to store garlic in vinegar
  • How to store garlic bulbs
  • Garlic storage temperature
  • Best garlic storing container
  • How long does unpeeled garlic last
  • How long does can you keep garlic at room temperature


  • How to know if garlic is bad
  • How to tell if garlic has botulism
  • Is bad garlic dangerous?
  • Is yellow garlic bad?
  • Is purple garlic bad?
  • How to prevent garlic from going bad?

How To Store Garlic For Long Time

How you store your garlic determines how long it will last. It is necessary to know the best way to preserve and store it.

Also, the state of its usage (whole, peeled, and cloves) determines how long it can be stored.

  • A whole garlic bulb, that is unpeeled, can stay for up to six months, especially when kept in a cool, dry, and dark place.
  • While storing garlic at room temperature can help the shelf-life. A bulb of garlic in a natural form can be kept for 3-6 months when stored in a cool and dry place.
  • If dehydrated, garlic can be stored for up to 12 months (1 year) without losing its worth. Depending on how you store it, the shelf life can be extended using proper storing methods.
  • There are times when you have the need to store your peeled garlic cloves, and to get this done, keep your peeled garlic in a tightly sealed container or plastic bag and place it in the refrigerator.
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How To Store Garlic In Fridge

Storing your garlic directly in the fridge can cause damage to it because garlic is not adaptable to cold and freezing.

There are times you need to store garlic in the fridge. It might be a leftover of peeled or chopped garlic or even stored fresh garlic.

But there is a way out to store garlic in the fridge. So, instead of throwing it away, you want to keep it in the fridge.

If you want to store the remaining garlic, you can first get a jar with a tight cover and put the leftover inside. Then keep it in the fridge or refrigerator, and it can be preserved for up to 2 weeks.

Best Garlic Storing Container

If you are looking for a suitable storing container, get garlic storing containers produced with terracotta.

Best Garlic Storing Container
Best Garlic Storing Container

These containers are good at absorbing the moisture and odor that may affect the shelf-life of garlic.

Also, porous containers are good for storing. These materials allow the proper flow of air in and out of the container, thereby keeping the garlic preserved and fresh.

How To Store Garlic And Onions

Both garlic and onions are prone to rottenness when in contact with moisture.

Because of their nature, there is a need for proper storage. If garlic and onions are not stored in a good manner, they can easily sprout, and develop mold.  

  • If you want to store garlic and onions, place onion and garlic in different mesh bags or a dry wooden bin that permit the free flow of air.
  • Keep onions or garlic away from washing before storing them.
  • Ensure the garlic and onion are very dry before storing. You can then keep it in a place that has room temperature like a cupboard, storeroom, etc.

How To Preserve Peeled Garlic

Peeled garlic has a short lifespan, unlike the unpeeled, whole garlic.

The peeling affects the garlic by exposing it to moisture, thus reducing the shelf-life. Hence, there is a need for proper preservation.

Meanwhile, you can preserve peeled garlic through refrigeration, and that is the best method to use in preserving peeled garlic.

Before storing peeled garlic in the refrigerator, firstly place the peeled garlic in a tightly sealed container.

The need for an airtight container prevents moisture from penetrating the peeled garlic and also prevents all the items kept in the fridge from smelling like garlic. 

How To Store Garlic In Freezer

The impact of freezing can be strong on garlic. Hence, it is necessary to know how to store garlic in a freezer to achieve the intention of keeping it safe in the freezer.

Use the steps below to safely store your garlic in the freezer.

  • The whole garlic should be wrapped firmly with plastic or aluminum to stop the burning effect of the freezer.
  • Close up the bag to squeeze out the trapped air. Then store in the freezer. Through this, the shelf-life of the garlic can be extended.
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How To Store Garlic In Oil

One of the effective ways of storing garlic is to store it in oil. Olive oil is the best oil suitable for preserving garlic for a long period.   

How To Store Garlic For Long Time
How To Store Garlic For Long Time

Storing garlic in oil elongates the shelf life of garlic, and the best oil to use is olive oil.

If you want to store garlic in oil, follow these steps:

  • Get a jar or container that is clean and put the garlic.
  • Spill the oil on the garlic.
  • Ensure the whole garlic is entirely covered with oil, thereby leaving no space for the air to penetrate. Avoid exposing any part of the garlic to air because of mold.
  • To get the best result, allow the garlic to be fully covered with the oil.

How To Store Garlic For Longer Time

You can store garlic for a longer time when you take the right step.

Follow these tips to store your garlic for a long time.

  • The best place to store garlic is a dry, dark, and cool place. A place that is free of moisture. Keeping your fresh garlic in this place will prevent the garlic from sprouting and last for a long time. You can keep the garlic in a storeroom or cupboard to make it last longer. Allow the garlic to stay close to the floor to keep fresh.
  • Also, you can keep garlic where you have adequate ventilation. A place, for example, a room with proper air circulation favors the longevity of the garlic. Storage items like mesh bags and wire baskets can be deployed in storing garlic because they allow the free flow of air.
  • Don’t use plastic bags to store your fresh garlic, as it traps air thereby affecting the shelf-life of garlic.
  • Storing garlic at room temperature can keep it for a long time too. The room temperature (60-650c) is favorable for storing garlic and preventing the garlic from sprouting. Fresh garlic strives more where you have cold temperatures. Don’t keep whole garlic in the refrigerator.
  • Try to store whole garlic bulbs and in case you have unpeeled or used part of it, utilize the remaining within a few weeks to prevent it from becoming moldy.

How To Store Garlic Without Smell

The only possible way to store garlic without smell is to store it in a jar or container with a tight cover first and then place it in the fridge.

Covering the garlic with an airtight jar prevents smiling.

How To Store Garlic In Vinegar

Garlic can be stored inside the vinegar, and the effect would still be intact.  

  • To store garlic in vinegar, all you have to do is to get cloves of garlic and place them inside an airtight container. A jar with a tight lid can serve too.
  • After this, pour vinegar inside to preserve it. You can get any regular vinegar, or apple cider vinegar and use it for this purpose.
  • After confirming that your bottle of garlic is perfectly tight and no way air can penetrate inside, then place it in the fridge for storage.
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Using this method can preserve the garlic to stay long for up to 4 months.

How To Store Garlic Bulbs

There are different methods you can use to store garlic bulbs, but the most effective one is storing garlic in a dry, dark, and cool place, with good ventilation.

Also, you can place the whole garlic bulb in a container with a tight cover, or even a mesh bag.

These methods are so effective and natural that can keep garlic bulbs fresh and for long.

They also prevent garlic bulbs from sprouting.

Garlic Storage Temperature

The temperature at which you store garlic matters.

The best temperature is room temperature. Keeping at room temperature favors long-term storage.

Garlic does well in a temperature of around 60-650 Fahrenheit too.

How Long Does Unpeeled Garlic Last

Unpeeled garlic in a natural form will last for up to 6 months when stored in a cool and dry place.

How Long Can You Keep Garlic At Room Temperature

The most suitable temperature to store garlic is room temperature.

Garlic will last for up to six months at room temperature because that temperature is favorable for keeping the garlic fresh and intact. 


Storing garlic helps to keep it from going bad, sprouting, and turning bitter.

The way you store your garlic determines how you can sustain and maximize flavor when it is needed for cooking.

That is why storing garlic in the right way is critical to getting the best flavor. Therefore, to get the best out of your garlic and keep its flavor for as long as you want it, we encourage you to follow the tips provided above.

With the information provided, we believe your garlic can be easily stored, and use at anytime you want to enhance the taste of your meal.

How to prevent garlic from going bad?

To prevent garlic from going bad, use these methods:

  • Keep fresh garlic at room temperature
  • Keep fresh garlic in a place that is cool, dry, and dark, free from moisture.
  • Keep fresh garlic where you have adequate ventilation.
  • Store minced garlic in a container with a tight cover and put it in the refrigerator.

FAQs: How To Store Garlic For Long Time

Q: How To Know If Garlic Is Bad

You can know if garlic is bad in different ways.

The first is through handling. Hold your unpeeled garlic head, and press gently. If it’s still hard, it shows it is good. But if the garlic head is squashy, it is a sign it’s becoming worse.

Another way to know if garlic is bad is through discoloration. Bad garlic would have lost its natural color. Also, loss of pungency is a sign of decay.

Q: How To Tell If Garlic Has Botulism

You can know if garlic has botulism when it has picked up the bacteria from the soil.

The effect of botulism on garlic is that it changes the color, and makes it moldy.

Q: Is Bad Garlic Dangerous?

Eating bad garlic can harm the body.

Decay garlic can be a result of bacteria, and other microbes which can cause unpleasant experiences like dizziness, and some other diseases.

Staying away from bad garlic is the best option.

Q: Is Yellow Garlic Bad?

Yes! The yellow color is a sign of rottenness. The color of fresh and good garlic is white. Anything outside this is a sign the garlic is perishing.

Q: Is Purple Garlic Bad?

Purple garlic is not bad. It is safe for consumption.

The presence of purple color is a result of the reaction to some conditions and is only visible on the outer skin.

Also, if the farmers apply fertilizer when the garlic is about to mature, the color of the garlic outer may be purple.