As you probably know, potatoes originated in South America, although they are now grown in many countries around the world. Today we are going to discover something really yummy, the top 10 best Breakfast potatoes recipes. Which cant resist trying.

Breakfast Potatoes Recipe

There are many ways that Potato can be prepared, here are the best ways that you can’t miss.

  • French Fries (known in British cuisine as “chips”) – Potatoes are peeled, cut into strips, soaked, dried, and then fried. Of course, you might not want to eat french fries every day, but they can be a good treat that many people enjoy. Please note: Accidents during deep-frying can cause fires, injuries, or even death, so you should take proper safety precautions, and also consider using a thermostatically controlled deep-fat fryer needed.
  • Oven-Cooked French Fries – If you feel guilty about eating deep-fried foods, but still want to eat some French fries, it is possible to prepare beautiful fries in the oven.
  • Hash Brown – These are shallow-fried potato, often mixed with some onions, and make a great side dish when cooked breakfast.
  • Mashed Potato – This is easy to prepare, made by simply boiling and then mashing the potato. Sour cream or butter can also be mixed.
  • New Potato – Totally clean (rubbed) and then boiled in their skins, the new potato goes well with roast dinners like fried chicken.
  • Potato Salad – You can buy potato salad prepared in the supermarket, but it allows you to tailor the exact recipe to your own taste – what’s more, by making your own, you can probably save money too. !

Now we are going to make amazing crispy roasted breakfast potato (also known as home fries!). They are absolutely tastier, easier to make, and healthier than fried potatoes! Is a crispy breakfast better than a late-night potato and egg breakfast.

I have kept potato in a state of indulgence for a long time, but in the end, I found out how to roast very tastily, diner-style home fries at home.

Whenever craving strikes, I see no reason not to do it, especially when you are serving them like eggs with protein-rich accompaniments.

And, if you’re craving for the goodness of more roasted potato, don’t miss this amazing yet mouth-watering Recipe below.

Food FactToday, potato is actually the fourth largest food crop in the world after rice, wheat, and corn, and a staple food in many countries around the world

Before we start there are some FAQs related to these yummy recipes below.

How Long Do You Soak Potato Before Frying?

Soaking potato in cold water before frying them helps to remove excess potato starch. Making fries crispier and preventing them from sticking together. Potatoes can be soaked for anywhere from 1-8 hours or even overnight.

Do You Have To Boil Potato Before Frying Them?

While potato can be fried raw, most would agree that boiling potato greatly improves their texture. Since potatoes are dense and starchy, boiling them even partly will help to cook them more evenly. This way, you will not have to fry the potato for too long and risk them drying up.

1# Vegan Breakfast Potato Recipe

2# Roasted Breakfast Potatoes Recipe

3# Crispy Breakfast Potatoes Recipe

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#5 One-Pan Breakfast Potato Recipe

#6 Oven Roasted Breakfast Potato Recipe – Simple and Yummy

#7 Breakfast Potato and Eggs Recipe

#8 Fried Potato Breakfast Recipe – Try Now Yum Yum!

#9 Oven Roasted Breakfast Potato Recipe – Simple and Yummy

#10 Breakfast Potatoes Casserole Recipe – With Few Ingredients

Nutrition Facts For Breakfast Potato Recipes

Note-Nutritional can be calculated by using 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, Ghee or Butter.

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